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RaimeyLOfficial tagged me again-- plus AnodizedPink wanted me to do Guns so here we go!

The objectives of this meme is for your fellow peers/artists to get to know a little more of your fan-made character; by making it seem they were the ones answering the questions. But you: the creator, have an opportunity to answer questions if answering certain questions would make your fan-chara seem out-of-character (EX: They won’t admit their fears, crush, ext ext). This is a meme for Original Characters (personally made by you), fan-made(made for a certain series), cross-over characters for any series, so go crazy! There are no limits just do your best and have fun~! ;3

XS: Gunther Schmidt by Gourdious

1.) Hello there! Why don’t you introduce yourself?

Hi! Uh, I'm Gunther-- Gunther Schmidt! 

2.) Fascinating~!…Hm, You look familiar are you from a TV show/anime/comic? If so, which one?

N-No? But WOW how cool would it be if I was a super hero in a comic book?! I'd wanna be known as "Gunther: Assassin Extraordinaire" or something really cool! I'd be, like... the Batman, or something!

(Gunther is part of the Xiaolin Showdown universe, and a 2nd Gen FC of mine!)

3.) What’s your occupation or job?

I'm... *sighs* I'm a towel boy at the Xiaolin Temple. I'm also training to become a monk, but... it's not going so well. Thus, the... the white belt on my uniform. 

4.) Huh, I guess that’s ok. How about your spare time? What do you like to do? ((Hobbies))

Oh, I LOVE comics! I also like fighting games, and just generally reading books-- Oh, I also like tabletop RPGs! I used to have a DnD campaign going with a group of friends, but... I'm in China now... Heh... *sighs*

5.) I see, do you have any family members?

Oh, yeah! My pops is from Germany and Mom is from France. Mom's business brought her over to the States, so we all settled down in a small town and she commutes to work. My dad's been working on opening up and antique shop.

6.) How about friends?

Lemme see... there's Ambrose, he's a pretty cool guy! I don't know him too well, but seems nice enough... There's also Julie... she's really strong, I mean, like, REALLY Strong, and awesome, and HOT-- I mean, like, she's... she's the element of fire, so obviously and literally hot... Heh... uh... Oh, there's also Melody! She's a sweetheart-- gives good, encouraging advice! Uh, there's also Carol, though I don't know her very well either.

7.) Don’t be shy now, do you have any lovers? Or do you just ‘like’ someone? If so, would you like children with them?

W-What? Was it the 'Hot' thing?! Did that give it away?! *covers faces sheepishly* Ohmygod...

8.) If you can kill anyone who would it be? ((Who are your enemies?))

... No one...? I don't think I have it in me to actually kill anyone...

9.) Do you have any special abilities/powers/skills?

Is being hilarious a skill? ... No? Dang.

10.) I’m getting hungry, what are your favorite foods? (I love pizza!)

By far, I gotta say... Burgers. They're HUGE here in the US! Coupled with fries to make a hearty meal-- they're my favorite food for sure!

11.) Yummy! On with serious business, how would you describe yourself in two sent. or less?

Two sentances? Uhhhh... I'm... really great at doing stuff! I'm the best towel boy in the world! ... Will that work?

12.) What are a few of your favorite things?

My comic collection, for sure. That, and the letters I get from my parents. They email me, of course, but they send me letters and photos and stuff.

13.) What are a few of your not-so-favorite things?

I can't really think of anything... I'm not a fan of snakes. Had an incident involving a rattlesnake when we went looking for a Wu in Texas, once. I made myself look like a baby in front of Clay and Renai-- and they're, like, two of my idols!!! Uhg, snakes, and... Arthur. He goes out and smokes a lot, and... I dunno, there's something shady about him. I don't know if he's trustworthy.

14.) Are you scared of anything in particular? It’s ok, everyone’s scared of something.

Snakes... I guess... *sighs* That, and... the girl I have a crush on. She's really intimidating! How can you like someone and be afraid of them at the same time?! It sucks! 

15.) If you can meet your past/future-self what would you say to him/her?

Uhh... don't scream really loud and high pitched if you run into a rattle snake. You'll get laughed at.

16.) Almost done! Do you have a special motto/quote? If you don’t make one up right now!

"Laughter is the best medicine!" 

Ambrose belongs to RaimeyLOfficial 
Julie belongs to AnodizedPink 
Melody and Renai belong to Sumer-Breeze 
Carol, Gunther and Arthur are mine. 


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